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Young Women at Risk

Emerging Adulthood or Young Adulthood is a life phase that only in recent decades was acknowledged as a significant and distinct phase of its own, which requires unique observation and care options.

This period of life can offer women many opportunities of exploring, experimenting and learning that could construct a positive model towards entering the adult life, but unfortunately, that isn't always the case.
Some young women will struggle to find their way and cope with the challenges that rise during this complicated phase. Some of them were already defined as "at risk" when they were teens, while others could suddenly find themselves in high-risk situations due to a deterioration in their economic or family status, or other negative changes.

Young women at risk encounter amplified struggles due to being young women in a men-dominant social construct. These struggles could manifest in various ways, such as: access to housing, earning capacity, attaining education, social circles, family relations, low self-esteem, premature motherhood etc.


Young women who experienced distress or trauma are simultaneously exposed to various multi-dimensional risk factors.
Firstly, being in the midst of a transitional phase which creates the potential for a developmental crisis.
Secondly, many of these women are on the verge of poverty, which creates a risk factor in itself.
Thirdly, the frequent exposure to extreme situations, including exploitation and violence, which is higher than in any other demographic.
And lastly, their location at society's margins; a consequence of their gender, social status and other marginalized identities such as ethnicity, religious, sexual inclination and more.

The "Nirot" forum was founded in order to let the voices of women silenced by society, their communities and sometimes even themselves to be heard.

The forum's goal is to develop tailor made solutions that are specifically adjusted for young women at risk, and to point out the unique characteristics and unmet needs that have to be taken in consideration when developing or operating social services for young women at risk in Israel.


For further information and different unique options for young women at risk:

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