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Shelly Shtracher Shalev

Forum's CEO

Shelly holds an MA in Gender Studies from Bar-Ilan University, and has been working and volunteering in gender equality and women empowerment through the social sector for the past decade.

With fifteen years of experience in sales and marketing in the business sector, for the past decade she is managing volunteering projects through corporate responsibility programs (CR).

In addition to her role as head of the Forum for Young Women's NGO's, Shelly volunteers in the Sexual Assault Crisis Center in Tel Aviv, facilitates workshops about preventing sexual violence and lectures about sexual harassment in the workplace. Shelly is an activist, a feminist and a mother of two daughters. 

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Michal Yanay

The Toronto foundation

Michal holds a bachelor's degree in communication disorders from Tel Aviv University and a master's degree in informatics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Michal manages the "Pniniot" program, leads the field of children, youth and young people at risk, as well as a member of the strategic planning, development and control team at the Toronto Foundation. In the past, she was on the founding team of the 'Beterem' organization for child safety and in her most recent position there she served as a board member and director of the Research and Development Division.

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Carmit Holzman

The Women's Courtyard

Carmit is an activist, social entrepreneur and a mother of three boys. In 2012 she founded the Haifa Women's Courtyard, where she currently directs the field of access to rights for young women and girls.  Previously she was the director of the Haifa Elem branch. Carmit is also a member of the "Haifa City for All" Lead Team - who promotes gender equality policy along with the Haifa Municipality administration. In her private practice she is accompanying and coaching women to claim their social rights and to open small businesses. Carmit is currently a student for Master's degree in Public Policy and Administration at The Open University .


Roee Metzer


Roee holds a Master in Social work, and is a graduate of the Psychoanalytic Organizational Counseling and Development program. . Roee is a winner of the "Recanati, Cop, Rashi" award for initiating and developing the "Diurit" housing model for young women at risk together with Tali Maor. He's the former head of "Beit Ariel" hostel for teenage girls at risk in Jerusalem, and is the current head of therapy field in "Otot" non-profit.


Dr. Shiran Raichenberg

The Clinic for Youth and Young Adults legal rights. 

Shiran has a bachelor's and master's degree in law from the Hebrew University Faculty of Law, as well as master's degree from UCL, with specialization in human rights. She wrote her doctoral dissertation at the Hebrew University on the subject: The right to participation and care proceedings in youth court.

Shiran has been leading the Clinic for the Rights of Adolescents and Young adults at risk since 2008 at the Clinical Legal Education Center, Hebrew University. The clinic operates by several levels of rights-promotion: individual representation, precedent cases, education and the promotion of rights for youth and young adults at risk, and makes their voices heard before courts, Knesset committees, government ministries and more.


Jessica Nagid

Wizo Israel

Jessica holds an MA in social work from Tel Aviv University specializing in dynamic therapy. she has 10 years of experience working with girls and young women at risk, Over the years she has worked in gender-sensitive frameworks and promotes this practice. in the past 3 year she is leading the department for girls and young women at risk including Warm homes for girls at risk and young women at risk such as "ADI" and "HALEV".

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Asefu Ora Brehanu


Asefu Ora holds a BA in Economics and Education from Bar Ilan University. She managed Leumit's medical center in Rehovot for ten years, and later was a project manager in a translation company. Nowadays Asefu Ora is the head of the medical education field in Fidel NGO.


Ortal Ben Ayoun


Ortal holds a BA in Social Work from Haifa University, and an MA in Urban and Regional Planning from the Technion institution in Haifa. Ortal started her professional path in "Yedidim" managing a hostel for children and teenagers at risk, and later continued to developing and heading the organization's employment field. 

In the past four years Ortal works freelance in training, counseling and guidance of various professional teams regarding employment, in developing of employment programs and models and in career development counseling, specializing in young adults at risk.
Ortal is a member of the Forum of Young Women's NGO's for the past six years, and is a member of the forum's leading committee.


Iris Zilca


Iris holds a Master in Clinical Social Work from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She founded "Makkom" non-profit at 2012, which offers a community of activism for young women with no family support networks. Her professional experience includes working as a social worker in a variety of services, researching children at risk and social services, and working in the field of young adults with no family support networks for the past 13 years.

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Karny Barak

Bat Ami

Karny holds a BA in International Relations and Sociology and an MBA specializing in strategy and entrepreneurship, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Since 2016, Karny works in "Bat – Ami" non-profit as the manager of "Bedarchi" program for young adults at risk.

Her previous experience includes working in the Rashi foundation for six years, managing "The National-Civil Service Forum", founding and managing the R&D unit in "Maase Centre" non-profit and managing the Programs' Research and Development field in the R&D unit of the Rashi foundation headquarters.


Avigail Hatsor Sivan


Abigail holds a master's degree in researching social work. She currently manages the coalition for young mothers at risk in Elem. Abigail has 10 years of experience working with individualis ,groups and community work with women and girls dealing with life in poverty and social exclusion. Avigail is a social activist and mother of Omri and Sahar-Ayelet.


Edna Globzky

Yeladim – Fair Chance for Children

Edna holds a BA in Education and an MA in Public Policy. After 24 years of managing different out-of-home placements, Edna is now deputy in "Yeladim" non-profit, which aims to empower out-of-home placements graduates and children with no family support networks. Edna is in charge of six main programs that the non-profit runs. In addition Edna is a member of the forum's leading committee.


Ronit Lev Ari

Beit Ruth

Ronit is a founding staff member of Beit Ruth, she leads it’s Advocacy & Outreach Initiative that is designed to help raise awareness and understanding among like-minded stakeholders about the pandemic issue of violence and abuse. Ronit also leads the volunteering field at Beit Ruth through recruitment, placement and guidance, as well as the graduates program of Beit Ruth.

Ronit holds a BA in Sociology, Anthropology and Political Science, and an MA in Criminology. She is a pioneer and trailblazer in the field of violence against women and girls in Israel, and served as the Israeli Government’s foremost authority on women’s issues under two Prime Ministers.

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